Our Partners

To address the need for innovation in healthcare staffing, Wanderly creates a transparent marketplace for the healthcare staffing industry using blockchain, big data, and machine learning. They employ these technologies to bring travel healthcare professionals and agencies together faster in an ecosystem predicated on enabling meaningful connections for everybody involved.

Kamana builds customer-centric, feedback-driven software for the healthcare staffing industry. Currently focused on travel nursing and allied health, they enable healthcare workers to manage their credentials and careers from a single place. They also help staffing agencies hire and collaborate with the workforce more efficiently.

VMSpark saves staffing firms countless hours and wages spent on job order data entry from VMS and MSP clients. They boost efficiency by automatically compiling and transforming job order data from VMS/MSP software into a single, standardized, and easy to use format.

Moxie Mentoring is a company that provides state-of-the-art training programs that bridge the gap between agencies, travelers, and hospitals. Harnessing over 30 years of combined experience in the Healthcare Staffing industry, they create training programs that are fresh, collaborative and interactive. They also enhance the existing programs of companies that are overwhelmed by rapid growth.

Hively provides companies with real-time customer feedback and employee rewards solutions. Through Hively, customers are invited to constantly give feedback in a fun and engaging way by asking the simple question “How did I do?”. Because of its convenience and simplicity, Hively lets companies acquire valuable feedback more often, maintain a high level of customer happiness, and keep customers for longer.