NIH-Compliant Stroke Care and Defensive Driving Courses Now Available
by HSH Admin |
Jun 9, 2022 |
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NIH-Compliant Stroke Care and Defensive Driving Courses Now Available

After a thorough and lengthy validation process, we are pleased to announce that our Stroke Care Certification (NIH compliant) and Defensive Driving courses are now available!

The Stroke Care course will help healthcare professionals to become updated and knowledgeable of the etiology, pathophysiology, treatments, and the medical, surgical, and nursing management of stroke. This course features:

  • A comprehensive discussion on stroke care
  • The different types of stroke and their cause
  • How to competently provide optimal care
  • Important points on culturally sensitive care
  • Helping patients and families deal with emotions

The Defensive Driving course is useful and essential for any person. It provides a comprehensive overview of the fundamental principles and practices of defensive driving and promotes a safer driving environment for all. This course features:

  • Driving training beyond basic rules and mechanics
  • Aims to reduce collisions by driving defensively
  • Driving test preparation and its purpose and parts
  • Special considerations for teens and seniors
  • Frequently asked questions and essential tips

As one of the fastest-growing competency services providers in healthcare staffing, our competencies undergo a series of collaborations that are created and validated by experienced and highly specialized healthcare professionals. This ensures that our testing materials, courses, and clinical content are up-to-date and meet the highest recognized standards. With more than 300 exams, we offer the largest exam library in healthcare staffing.

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