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Before the launch of Healthcare Staffing Hire (HSH), many of our clients were unsatisfied with existing competency programs at the time; many of whom were providing less-than-optimal customer service. These clients encouraged us to create our own platform that addressed these demands, and so we did!

Healthcare Staffing Hire was spearheaded by its CEO, Thad Dufelmeier, in partnership with Empower Solutions, Inc., to provide these companies with a better competency experience. Its goal is to help clients with their nursing and allied assessment needs. Having helped hundreds of healthcare staffing companies of all sizes, we use our industry-specific knowledge and proven library of deliverables to provide a customer experience that is a cut above the rest. HSH and its newest product, HSHCEU, provide a wide array of high-caliber exams crafted by seasoned healthcare professionals. HSHCEU allows nursing professionals to access the content directly, allowing them to complete competency requirements and obtain contact hours to renew their licenses simultaneously.

Innovate, Achieve, Contribute
Thaddeus Dufelmeier RN, CCWP

Exam List

Our Library of Exam is Constantly Expanded to Meet the Unique Requirements of Each Client.



Healthcare Staffing Hire helps clients with their nursing and Allied assessment needs with on-boarding services available from any location across multiple platforms.